Changes to the Point System for 2017

The BAI board met for a fall meeting on September 3rd, 2016. The officers voted on changes for the points system for 2017. Changes are posted below:

In 2017 this will be strictly enforced, teams must be present for the mandatory meeting.

Big Fish/Wild Card
Teams may win one, or both, of the Big Fish and Wildcard prizes.
Team of the Year
Teams will be awarded points for where they place in each category (no matter which prizes they win) for Team of the Year purposes.
• Teams must submit a roster prior to the start of the 1st tournament of the year with the names of up to 4 team members.
• To qualify for points, a team must have at least 2 members from the roster on the boat for each tournament
• Points will be awarded based on the place the team finishes during the tournament:
o 1st Place – 50 points
o 2nd Place – 40 points
o 3rd Place – 30 points
o 4th Place – 20 points
o 5th Place – 10 points
o Big Fish – 15 points
o Wildcard – 15 points
o Tournament Participation – 10 points
• Teams can now gain points in each category during the same tournament depending on their finish and can qualify to win Team of the Year in both categories.
• Only BAI sanctioned events qualify for points
*Penalties * A penalty of one fish, or 10lbs. per minute, will be assessed to any team returning late, for up to 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes, any teams not reported in will be disqualified. Penalty fish will be removed by the penalized team. NO grace period will be extended in the Big Fish Pot. Late teams are disqualified from Big Fish Pots.